Top Things To Do In Strahan

Strahan is a former port on the west coast of Tasmania with a population of less than 1,000. The town is renowned for its sights, and opportunities for adventure. We have curated a list of our favourite things to do in Strahan here.


Gordon River Cruise

Aboard the Spirit of the Wild

The Gordon River Cruise offers a tranquil tour through some of the world’s untouched wilderness. From a chef-prepared buffet, to character interpretations of Australia’s earliest explorers, uncover new knowledge, take a relaxing walking tour (in two of the tours) while sipping on Tasmania’s fine wines, beers, and whiskey.

Take a look at the 360 degree views of the Gordon River and Sarah Island.


The Ship That Never Was

Acclaimed theatre show

Take a step back to 1834, where the Frederick sets sail for the newest convict prison at Port Arthur. With plans of a great escape, follow the story of ten convict shipwrights in the intriguing tale produced by live theatre company The Round Earth Company. The production has its 25th Anniversary in January 2019, to celebrate its status as the longest running Australian production.

In Summer, the production runs daily from 5.30pm. In Winter, a movie of The Ship That Never Was is aired at 5.30pm.


Ocean Beach

The Longest Beach in Tasmania (30 km | 18.6 miles)

If long walks on the beach are the thing of your dreams, then this is a long walk on a beach. Look on out to the edge of the earth, and wonder if flat earth theorists have a point (well, not really). In September, the mutton bird population migrate 15,000 kilometres to this beach in what is a beautiful spectacle across the summer evenings.


Hogarth Falls

One of the sixty great short walks in Tasmania

Among a scenic short walk, hikers will see interpretations of the area from local school children, in what is a beautiful interpretation of the land that is walked upon. Beyond that is, of course, the Hogarth Falls that starts at the top of the Peoples Park. For a longer walk, stroll directly from the accommodation, or town centre.


Strahan ATV

Traverse iconic Tasmanian dunes

The Strahan ATV team offer a safe and thrilling tour of the Henty Dunes made possible by the world-famous Roaring 40 winds. A short ocean beach walk with waves crashing, a sunset tour of the Macquarie Heads, and a gourmet hamper offers a beautiful option to escape your past and be caught in the present. The inclusive tour offers adventure, fun, laughter, and a self-guided cruise at your own pace. What a thing to do in Strahan!